Alex Young – Thaxted Division

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Alex is a Thaxted resident who has worked as an insurance claims manager for forty years, and has been a local Labour activist and has run for local office several times. He has been both a town and parish councillor, briefly serving as chair. His extensive experience in local government means he would be fully prepared to represent the people of Thaxted at the County Council from day one.

Alex lives in an historic medieval home near Thaxted’s cherished Guildhall, and this has given him a passion for Thaxted’s extraordinary heritage, which he would vigorously promote and defend if elected. As a parent, he is acutely aware of the difficulties faced by young people in building careers and finding decent homes.

Alex’s priorities include:

  • Using council resources to support families in need.
  • Protecting the heritage of Thaxted, its surrounding historic villages and the area’s scenic countryside.
  • Finding opportunities for young adults.

Learn more about what Alex will do for Thaxted if elected by watching the video below: