Andrew Sampson – Saffron Walden Division and Newport Ward

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Andrew has lived in Newport since 2013, with both of his children having attended the Joyce Frankland Academy in the village. As a parish councillor and Secretary of the Saffron Walden Labour Party, he is deeply engaged in the local community and advancing the interests of local people. He manages this whilst also working in the financial IT sector in London.

Andrew’s experience as a parish councillor has made him keenly aware of the need to make the most of limited council budgets to do the most good for the neediest in Essex, and the parish’s planning work has prepared him to fight for the interests of local people against the power of private developers.

If elected to the district or county councils Andrew will focus on:

  • The fight against unsustainable development in Newport, aiming to ensure that any development will be a properly integrated part of the community and at least 40% affordable.
  • Being a voice for building council housing in the district, the only affordable option for many low-income families and young people in today’s housing market.
  • Helping to eliminate hunger in the district and the county by setting up community fridges and pantries in key locations, which will provide easy access to fresh food for those in need, and help cut down on food waste.
  • Prioritising investment in the local economy, as opposed to Uttlesford District Council’s policy of using borrowed money to promote development outside of the area.
  • Promoting high speed broadband to support effective home schooling, small businesses, home-workers and the self-employed.

See Andrew talk about his candidacy below: