Uttlesford District Council elections, 2nd May 2019


Oliver Rowley

Oliver is a student who has been a resident of Ashdon since he was four and has attended Ashdon primary school and Saffron Walden County High. He said: “I am fully aware of the increasing problem of speeding in the village, and the danger that it poses to pedestrians and other drivers. The recent use of a speed gun in the village is a positive step, however further traffic calming measures are required. The lack of a village shop has also hit several members of our community, and I fully intend on addressing that. As a student, I am also aware that the lack of a youth club and sports facilities has deprived our community’s youth of valuable forms of community engagement and activity.”

Debden and Wimbish

Peter Donovan

Peter has lived with his family in Uttlesford for over thirty years and was Secretary of Saffron Walden Constituency Labour Party for nearly ten years. His two grown-up sons attended local schools, and he is very aware of the needs of young families in terms of housing, education, transport and employment. He said: “Many of our young people face over-long journeys to reach their schools and colleges due to the timetabling of the private bus services, and this needs pressure from elected representatives to resolve, as do the issues of speeding and accidents on local roads which are a source of constant concern to residents. Housing is a continual need in the area, but new developments must offer affordability, sustainability and suitability for local needs.”

Elsenham and Henham

Callum Parris

Callum is a student and is the head student at Saffron Walden County High, where he is studying Politics at A-Level. He was born and brought up in Henham and attended Henham & Ugley Primary School. He has also played football for Elsenham and Rugby for Saffron Walden. He said: “I became interested in politics when I saw how, by banding together with good organisation, the villages were able to challenge Fairfield’s “Hellsenham” proposals. I joined the Labour Party because I wanted to make life better and fairer for people and decided that I needed to get involved if I wanted to make it happen. In our community, that includes greater transparency in building planning and more emphasis on truly affordable and social housing for our residents. Living in Henham, I also realise the importance of good public transport links for those without access to cars and as student I am aware of the increasing mental health issues facing young people and would like to see a greater emphasis on providing early intervention care in the community.”

Felsted and Stebbing

Humphrey Barbier

Humphrey is a retired school teacher who has lived in Stebbing since 1977. Since retirement, he has worked for several years as the clerk to Stebbing Parish Council and is an active member of Stebbing Bowls Club, the over sixties club and the local church. He acted as vice chairman of Stebbing Community Village Stores when it was first set up and still serves as a regular volunteer. He said: “I believe there should be no homelessness in Uttlesford and want good quality social housing being provided in villages. He is opposed to large scale housing without the necessary infrastructure.”

David Sowter

David is a retired charity manager with Barnardos and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.  He has lived in Stebbing Green since 1978 and has been a governor at Stebbing School and at Helena Romanes in Dunmow. Prioritising housing as a vital issue facing the community, he said, “I don’t want affordable housing that is only affordable to couples in good jobs, but social housing where people on low income or receiving benefits can have a place they can afford and avoid having to move out. Council housing is a key part of the solution. Other keenly felt issues include protecting Felsted and Stebbing from inappropriately placed estates, getting relief from aircraft noise out of Stansted and the poor state of our roads.”

Great Dunmow South and Barnston

Gerard Darcy

Gerard has been a resident of Barnston for almost 22 years with his partner and children. He has worked in local government, the NHS and as a teacher. His three main areas of interest are social housing, education and community sports. He said, “Over the last 20 years, tens of thousands of homes have been built in and around Dunmow, but the proportion of social housing to meet local need has been miniscule in comparison. Local residents are concerned about the future of Helena Romanes School and the attached leisure centre and placing it outside Dunmow’s current boundaries will create more transport problems.”

Hatfield Heath

Bill McCarthy

Bill has lived in Hatfield Heath for 40 years. He worked for the Bank of England for 21 years and then became a science teacher until he retired. He was a govenor of the village school for more than 20 years. He said, “I have stood for election locally a good many times, but in recent years I have not wanted to stand in the village against an independent candidate and risk splitting the anti-Tory vote. Apart from my interests in politics, I am a keen gardener, I have an unhealthy interest in wine and real ale and I have a longstanding preoccupation with the ups and downs of Queens Park Rangers.”

High Easter and the Rodings

Faridah Gullam

Faridah is a senior nurse assistant who has lived in Uttlesford for nearly 11 years and is a resident of Leaden Roding with four children who attend local schools. She said, “I understand the importance of raising your children in a great environment and this is a motivating factor to become councillor. I want to ensure that everyone lives in a healthy, clean and safe environment. I enjoy helping people and hope to be able to do so in the future as your councillor. I want to see more council housing, improved public transport, support for community sports clubs and more parks for local children. I plan to regularly visit local residents and offer as much time as possible to improve their daily lives. I believe I can make a difference due to the outspokenness of my nature and my strong spirit.”

Saffron Walden Audley

David O’Brien

David lives in Audley Ward as is a trade union official and has spent much of his life working in the charity sector, helping vulnerable people to take back control of their lives. He was formerly a director of the Citizens Advice Bureau and is currently a parent governor of a local primary school. He said, “My main priority is the establishment of a local housing plan to ensure high quality affordable housing, especially for our young people, with an environmentally friendly infrastructure to support it. I also believe that our schools should be given the support to ensure that all our children have equal access to an education and that there are plenty of locally based jobs offering a living wage.”

Saffron Walden Castle

Laura Snell

Laura has lived in Saffron Walden since 2001 when she moved here from Grimsby with her parents. She has worked all around the town as a postwoman for the last 12 years and as a result understands many of the issues that affect local people. She is also active within her union, the Communication Workers Union. She said: ”Saffron Walden is where I call home. I will always endeavour to do the best that I can for my town and will always fight for the working class.”

Simon Trimnell

Simon works for a building supply merchant who was born on Castle Ward, works on Castle Ward and is now bringing up his young family in the same part of town. He serves as chair of the Uttlesford District Tenants Forum, representing the views of council tenants district-wide. For many years he was a member of Saffron Walden Music Hall Society, starring in its annual productions. He said: ”I have shown my commitment and love for the town of my birth and particularly Castle Ward. All I want to do is represent the people of Castle Ward with full commitment, honesty and integrity.”

Saffron Walden Shire

Yvonne Morton

Yvonne has been a Saffron Walden area resident since 1961 and raised her family here. Educated at Saffron Walden County High School, she is a highly experienced management accountant, Yvonne continues to assist her clients through the ever-changing economic climate. She has a proven track record of success, having enjoyed a four-year term as a Saffron Walden Town Councillor and an Uttlesford District Councillor, and has taken a leading role at some of our town’s schools as a School Governor. She has concerns over the developments which are appearing across our town and district, and the lack of amenities needed to go with them, such as doctors, dentists and schools. She firmly believes we need more low-cost housing to help get people onto the property ladder and build firm foundations in the area.

Stansted North

Alfred Miti

Alfred has lived and worked in Stansted for over five years and works in the pharmaceutical industry. In April 2019, he became a Stansted parish councillor in an uncontested election. He said, “I am passionate about ensuring that planned garden communities meet their 40% affordable targets and that affordability reflects local wages. I believe UDC should be the main social housing provider. I also want more rights for private renters with a responsible landlord register, a landlords’ co-operative and a private tenants association to help boost the quality of the private rented sector, reduce private rent inflation and empower tenants in the private sector.”

Joe Lewis

Joe is a student and has lived in Stansted all his life. As a lifelong member of Stansted library, he is determined to defend it from closure, recognising its educational and social value. He said, “Having attended local state schools, and having worked part-time in local businesses, I hope to represent the area that I have called home throughout my life. It is vital that we maintain local institutions like the library, whilst developing our infrastructure to accommodate growth and changes to our area. As new housing developments arise, it is important to remain conscious of pedestrian safety as well as carefully balancing housing need with environmental protection. Looking to the future, I would support the installation of new electric vehicle charging facilities in the area, enhancing the viability of eco-travel.”

Stansted South and Birchanger

Daniel Brett

Daniel is an economist working as head of research for a firm specialising in government funds across the world as is also consultant to a sovereign ratings agency. He has lived in the local area all his life and currently lives in Stansted with his wife and 12-year-old son. In April 2019, he became a Stansted parish councillor in an uncontested election. In 2014, he helped lead a successful campaign to save Farnham primary school from closure. In recent months, he has been involved in Stansted parish council’s working group to save our local library. He has a keen interest in woodland conservation and is Stansted’s tree officer as well as secretary of a local woodland trust.

Tom van de Bilt

Tom is an IT manager with extensive experience of local government. He grew up on the Herts Essex Borders and moved to Stansted in 2013, where he lives with his wife and sons, aged five and one. He has worked for three different local councils as well as in the software industry as a supplier to local government. In the private sector Tom worked on projects with over a hundred UK councils, specialising in software solutions for public libraries and giving him a unique perspective on how local government operates. Tom is a keen cyclist with an interest in road safety.


Terry Brandon

Terry is 52 and has lived in Little Canfield for 10 years. He is a full-time union official representing the interests of 10,000 airline pilots. A proficient campaigner, Terry has been taking up cases on behalf of others all his working life. He says, “I am passionate about the Takeley and Canfield area and commit to ensuring that the communities are safe, green and pleasant places to live. The good people of Takeley and the Canfields deserve a strong leader that can tackle the tough issues that matter. These include youth provision, preserving green areas, litter and poor roads.”

Thaxted and the Eastons

Alex Young

Alex is claims manager and chartered insurer who lives in Stoney Lane in the heart of Thaxted. He is passionate about the need to protect the countryside and the architectural heritage of an exceptional area. His community experience has ranged from organising community fairs in London to being chairman of Much Hadham parish council. If elected, Alex would strive to secure funding for community facilities, while extending access to those facilities to all who would benefit from them.