Gerard Darcy – Dunmow Ward

Gerard has lived in Barnston near Dunmow for 24 years and has been a member of the Labour Party for 21 years. Having worked in the NHS and local government for 36 years, and now working as a supply teacher, Gerard has extensive experience of the issues facing Dunmow and the County Council as a whole. As Saffron Walden Labour’s Policy Officer, he has worked with Labour’s National Policy Forum to shape Labour’s agenda in favour of ordinary working people.

If elected, Gerard has the local knowledge, personal experience and policy background to be a strong and effective advocate for the people of the Dunmow area at County Hall.

The main issues Gerard will focus on if elected are housing, schools, sustainability and community facilities. If elected, Gerard will call for:

  • An increase in affordable housing requirements to 40% of new developments
  • A dedicated council fund to create local green jobs at both the district and county level
  • Expanding education provision so that all children can gain a place at the school of their choice
  • Free school transport for all
  • A new community and cultural centre for Dunmow as part of the development of land near Great and Little Easton

Watch Gerard talk about his candidacy in his own words: