Saffron Walden Museum

Saffron Walden Museum is a very special centre for culture, heritage and education in Uttlesford. Uttlesford Labour seeks to maintain the museum as one of the best community museums in the country, ensuring it keeps abreast of latest advances in curating, archiving and public displays and continues to offer internships to young people.

Over the years, the museum has hosted several successful exhibitions and events in conjunction with other organisations and support from sponsors. We believe UDC should assist the museum in deepening these tie-ups, including other museums in the region and in London as well as universities and further education colleges, to share resources, develop special exhibitions and involve secondary school children in developing knowledge of archaeology, curatorship and history as an academic discipline. We will commit to maintaining staffing at current levels, at the minimum, and will commit to raising expenditure in line with costs.

We hope to make the museum an educational establishment, developing learning programmes in local history that will be self-funding. Such educational programmes will contribute to lifelong learning, professional development and, for younger people, developing skills that could be used in academic learning.

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