Samantha Naik – Stansted Division

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Sam Naik has lived in Newport for almost a decade and is currently a serving parish councillor, giving her extensive experience contesting ill-conceived planning applications that threaten rural communities. She is a volunteer for Citizens’ Advice and for Uttlesford District Council as a Stakeholder for the Local Plan Consultation. She is a non-practising solicitor who has previously worked for local authorities, law firms and for the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Her impressive experience in law and local government, and her proven commitment to making the law and local government work for all people, will be invaluable if she is elected to serve the people of Stansted at the county level. We know that if elected, Sam will be a strong and effective advocate for the voters of Stansted on a wide range of issues.

Sam plans to focus on the following key issues for the benefit of Stansted division:

  • The provision of reliable, frequent and affordable rural bus services – Sam has taken the CPRE pledge to use council resources to provide hourly bus services in rural areas.
  • Ethical investment of council funds – Sam opposes investment in arms companies and will advocate for county-level ethical investment policies..
  • Employment rights – Sam will lobby the Council to support employment rights including fair living wages for all, unionisation, and Job Centres in all our rural towns.
  • Investment in schools – Sam will push for more investment in Essex schools and prioritise reducing pupil exclusions down to zero, mental health funding, and funding for Special Educational Needs.
  • Protecting victims of domestic violence – Sam will fight to ensure that refuges and other safe spaces for women and victims get the support they need to protect victims of domestic violence.
  • Sam will support local businesses by promoting initiatives to protect the character and vitality of our area’s precious high streets, stemming the tide of shop vacancies that affects so many towns across the country.
  • Sam will promote the construction of truly affordable housing through the Council’s planning policies and direct investment in local authority housing.

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