Tom 4 Saffron Walden

Tom out campaigning with local activists in Great Dunmow

I am the Labour Candidate for Saffron Walden

I am a Labour Parish councillor in Stansted where I have lived since 2013. I am married with two young sons. I grew up just over the border in High Wych.

Professional Background

I am an IT engineer and manager and have had a diverse career in both the public and private sector including working for three different local councils and eight years working for a market leading software provider to public libraries. I currently work for a Cambridge based software house.

Motivation for becoming politically active.

I joined the Labour Party in 2015 because I want my sons’ generation to enjoy the security and opportunities that my parents generation had. I want their generation to grow up knowing that they don’t have to worry that they could suddenly lose their jobs and their homes at any time. I want them to know that if they’re clever then they can study without paying an ongoing financial penalty because of their background. I want them to know that if they are sick then everyone is entitled to the best care that can be provided, regardless of their wealth. All these things are possible if we can avoid the trap of selfish individualism and instead choose to embrace the power of the state and to come together as a nation, a people and a society.

Labour will give every child the best possible start in life

Childrens' centres are a vital amenity for giving kids the best start in life. Only Labour will rebuild the sure start network and introduce free childcare for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Posted by Tom van de Bilt 4 Saffron Walden on Thursday, 7 November 2019