Tom’s Pledges to Saffron Walden

I am passionate about many policy areas and if elected as your representative for Saffron Walden then this is what you can expect from me.


I am a supporter of the campaign for a second referendum after having campaigned to remain in the 2016 referendum. As per Labour policy, I would support Jeremy Corbyn renegotiating a new Brexit deal that protects jobs, workers rights and environmental protections which would then be put to the people in a referendum with remain as an option. In this referendum I would pledge to campaign to Remain as I believe this is best for our economy and geopolitical standing.

End Austerity

Since the Lib Dem-Tory coalition government adopted a policy of austerity in 2010 our welfare state has be gutted by brutal cuts. The NHS our families use has been left to decay. The schools our children attend have been forgotten in budget after budget, meaning a generation has been let down when it comes to their education. Local government has shouldered the vast majority of the cuts and has become ineffective and unable to respond to the needs of the community. A Labour Government will reverse these cuts and revitalise our public sector.

Tackling the Climate Emergency

Labour is the only major political party that is serious about tackling climate change and ensuring that we leave the natural world behind for our grandchildren. To guarantee that Britain is carbon neutral by 2030 Labour has committed to huge investment in green technology to facilitate the green industrial revolution. As the representative for Saffron Walden I would ensure that working towards a sustainable future is central to my role, allowing us to protect our beautiful local countryside.

A Pay Rise for Britain’s Workers

Labour has pledged to increase the National Minimum Wage to £10 upon entering government. This would provide the workers in Saffron Walden with a real term pay rise for the first time in decades. In-work poverty can become a thing of the past as we ensure that all workers receive a real living wage.