AGM update and new secretary

Hello, this is just a quick update to inform members not at the AGM that I was very honoured to be elected to succeed Peter Donovan as secretary of our constituency party at the AGM in November.  Peter and I will be working together over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth handover. I’d also like to thank Peter for his years of service, I’m sure he will be similarly indispensable in his new role as membership secretary.  There remain a number of other vacant positions on the executive committee, especially a youth officer, a BAME officer and a campaign coordinator.  If you’re interested in one of those roles or in volunteering in any other capacity then please get in touch. The last 18 months we have seen a dramatic increase in our local membership and the exciting challenge now is to grow this into an effective campaigning force that can work for real change in our communities.

Tom van de Bilt