Best Result for 47 Years as Labour come 2nd in Saffron Walden

Labour made history in Saffron Walden, gaining 2nd place for the first in 47 years, and with the highest number of votes ever.
Labour’s candidate Jane Berney, almost doubled her vote from her 2015 campaign, and established Labour as the opposition in the Constituency, and with further polls showing an additional 8% increase in support for Labour nationally and yet another substantial increase in membership of the Party all since polling day.
Labour are now confident in making further in-roads into the Conservative heartland in Essex, with another possible General Election looming due to the Governments loss of their overall majority.
Jane Berney called upon the newly elected MP Kemi Badenock to apply whatever pressure she can on the Prime Minister to take a collaborative approach to Brexit Negotiations, and to forget about working with the DUP to keep their very slim majority in the Commons, as this would invalidate the Good Friday Agreement to be impartial, and put the Northern Ireland Peace Process at risk. Jane Berney urged Mrs Badenoch and Mrs May to put the good of the Country above personal and Party interests.

General Election 2017: Saffron Walden

Kemi Badenoch 37,629 61.8%
Jane Berney 12,663 20.8%
Liberal Democrat
Mike Hibbs 8,528 14.0%
Lorna Howe 2,091 3.4%

Majority 24,966
Conservative hold
2.2% To Labour