Saffron Walden CLP AGM 2020

Thursday the 26th of November saw the 2020 AGM for Saffron Walden Labour Party.
Despite being the first ever SWCLP AGM to be held online the event was well attended and hosted some very lively, comradely debate.
The evening started with debate on the following motion relating to electoral reform, put forward by Samantha Naik:
This Constituency / Branch Labour Party resolves:

  • To call upon the Labour Party to reject First Past the Post, the voting system
    currently used for General Elections, and to support the introduction of a form
    of Proportional Representation in which all votes count equally and seats match
  • To call upon the Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission of the National
    Policy Forum to consult the party membership specifically about their views on
    Proportional Representation in the next cycle of policy documents.
  • To call upon the Labour Party to set out how it will select a new, proportional
    voting system for general elections, in time to offer it as a concrete alternative
    to First Past the Post in our next manifesto.

This motion was passed by vote on the night and will be sent on to the Justice & Home Affairs policy commission of the National Policy Forum.

The meeting then moved on to the business of the AGM, full minutes can be found at the link below my signature, but the main body of the meeting was taken up with reports from the outgoing exec officers, an update to the CLP’s standing orders to add the new role of LGBT+ Officer to the Exec Committee, and the election of the new Exec Committee, in which I am proud to serve as Secretary.
A full list of the Exec Committee Officers is in the minutes or you can see them at the “Our Team” link to the left of this screen.
Your new Execs will get straight to work with a committee meeting next week, so you’ll hear plenty from us over the coming weeks.

There’ll also be an invite coming out soon to a festive themed social event, via zoom of course, in December. As usual this will be a great opportunity to meet some of your SW Labour comrades and to take all our minds off covid-19 for a while with some festive fun and a mince pie or two (bring your own I’m afraid). I hope to see you there.

Andrew Sampson
Secretary – Saffron Walden CLP